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Peace of Mind

A wedding ceremony, and the reception which follows, should be a celebration of the marriage. In my opinion, the joy and fun should start with the arrival of the Bride, and continue throughout the day and beyond.

Why is it, that sometimes, the loudest noise in the room at a wedding breakfast is the clatter of the cutlery?
How come we have to wait to the end of the meal, before we hear the toasts and speeches which contain the love, emotion and humour which touch the hearts and minds of everyone in the room?

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I have assembled a team of experts who are determined to make your day, Fun and memorable, for all of the right reasons.
They are passionate about weddings. Your dreams can easily be transformed into reality with a little help from your friends. Together we will explore your vision and we will use our insider knowledge, experience and expertise, to help you achieve the wedding day of your dreams.
This is not simply advice. This is practical support with the planning, production and direction of your Special Day.

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Your Party Host

How would you like a professional to meet and greet your guests? Someone who will engage them in conversation, answer their questions and attend to their needs. A Party Host understands that the Bride and Bridegroom are looking for a stress-free reception.

He, or she, knows the importance of being smartly dressed, in accordance with your wishes. The Party Host relishes the opportunity to be your representative at the wedding reception, and everything he or she does will be reflected in your style and taste.

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Video of the week

The video to the right will be changed frequently. Each video is submitted by one of our expert Specialist Wedding DJs / Master of Ceremonies / Party Hosts.
The content will often include live footage taken from a real wedding. Watch as our expert entertainers demonstrate how important it is for your guests to be engaged and involved at every stage of the day.

There are more videos and pictures on our Video page. Each of our specially selected experts is ready and waiting for your call.

Today’s video is courtesy of Mark Gerrard from Pegasus Disco in Dorset